Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Leeds, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

We've made it to Leeds and I can almost have a rest.

Again we did all the locks with Drentel, with help on the two 3-rise locks. Even so, at Forge Locks all the gates were brand spanking new. Consequently everything was stiff and I have mangled my hip again trying to close the bottom lock gates. Even the lock keeper couldn't open the top gate paddles!

Mooring up above Office Locks at 1130, I then slept for 2 hours. Granary Wharf (where we usually moor) is being redeveloped and so there is no mooring down there at present. But the photographs of the projected development show that boats will be mooring there again, but that just may artistic licence. I am sure the residents of these posh new apartments won't want boats anywhere near their shiny copper balconies.

A phone call from Me and My Shadow with, hopefully, an order for Christmas Cards - so here is another card I made of the boats, this time at the bottom of the Bingley 5-rise locks. Hope it makes them decide.

As usual a matted photo with two panels behind. The blue one I Cuttlebugged.

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