Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Calverley Wood, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Now it is officially Spring. I saw two more swallows today!!!

We did the first 3 lock staircase before the BW lock-keeper arrived and moved on to the next swing bridge. In my Nicholson's guide it is noted (by me) that the bridge was "Heavy" (meaning hard to push open or closed). You'll be pleased to know that BW have done something about it. The have put up yet another notice to show me how to do it. Actually, it wasn't too bad this time and if I hadn't stopped half way through closing it to photograph an adorable "Thelwell" pony it would have closed with no problems.

By the time we got to Dobson 2 locks Drentel was ready to set off so we did the locks with them and then when we got to the electric bridge below a BW engineer was checking it out and he worked it for us.

I spent the afternoon making some more cards as I have managed to get rid of nearly all my waterways ones.
This card I made by covering two foam hearts with handmade paper and sticking them together with a pink feather and a paper rose.

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