Monday, 20 April 2009

Field 3 Locks, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The sun was shining, the cold wind had dropped so we set off with coats this morning.

By 0800 we were in the top lock at Bingley with Drentel and were expertly escorted down the two sets of locks by the BW lock keepers.

At Dowley Gap Staircase we saw this BW van. More money well spent by BW. On looking at the picture more closely I could see that it was taken from The Mailbox in Birmingham, looking towards our mooring.

On looking even closer I noticed that you could just about see Mr David in the background. Very faint and completely out of focus.

We stopped off at Saltaire as we wanted to try out a restaurant called The Tram Sheds. When we lived in Budapest our "local" was always called The Tram Sheds, though it was actually called Szep Ilonya, but it was by the tram sheds. Unfortunately, like most of the rest of Saltaire it was closed on a Monday.

Although one swallow does not make a Spring. Today I saw my first swallow/swift. Honest! So Spring must be just around the corner. David also saw a family of goslings and in Salt we saw a Woody (North American Wood Duck) look-alike. Thought about kidnapping it to take it back to Birmingham for company for Woody but when I went back to look for it for a photo I could not see it anywhere.

An Anniversary Card. I started with a lilac card base, adding a panel of white card with some stringy type ribbon wrapped around it. The two cats are cut out from holographic card. Finally I added the peel-off sentiment.


James from York said...

Shame about the Tram Sheds being closed on Monday, it is quite a nice place.

You actually stopped at Saltaire, developed and named by Sir Titus Salt, there is no place called Salt.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Sorry James. I did know it was Saltaire, I was just having a senior moment.