Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bingley, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

SWING BRIDGES. I HATE THEM! Well, some of them anyway. I especially hate 192 on the L&L. If David had not come to my rescue we would still be there. First I could not get it to open 1" and then I could not close it. David had to bring the boat back to the off side, climb up onto the bridge and help me push it closed. We eventually got it closed but not closed enough to put the chain and padlock back on.

So if it should have swung open in the meantime - sorry BW. But I don't think so.

Then it was this electrified bridge (electric box pictured), can't remember the number (I'd lost count by now). I took this picture at my eye height. The instructions are in that little box at the top, angled slightly but so tiny that I could not read anything even if I could have seen it.

Still - not all bad news. Why is this sign not erected every 500 yards along ALL the towpaths? Not that a single cyclist can read or obey any rules. I'm thinking of having a sandwich board made with code on it for when I next walk the towpath.

Apart from that a beautiful day, bluebells and cuckoo-pint flowering, ducklings everywhere and hardly a moving boat.

We got to the top of the Bingley 5 at 1030 and moored up. It was really cold so we lit a fire. Of course the sun soon came out and it has been a glorious day.

An apple blossom card. A photo matted onto silver, pink and more silver card. A pink organdie ribbon tied in a bow with a butterfly sewn onto each end of the tail.

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