Saturday, 18 April 2009

Silsden, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

How can you tell it's a hire boat without seeing the name on the side?

Apart from the bow wave? People on the roof and others standing along the gunwales.

The only thing missing from this scene is a man with the pole.

A lazy day today. David watched the trials for the Grand Prix and then we set off doing 7 swing bridges nearly catching 1 car and a van on the two electric ones. Not my fault, they both tried to "run the barriers". One stopped short and the other shot through and missed the barrier with millimetres to spare.

After the busy weekend last week it has been surprisingly quiet. Only three boats have gone past all day.

I walked back into Silsden this afternoon and found the new edition of Canals and Rivers. That is one of David's photographs on the front page. He will have one on next month's too.

Inside there is an article he wrote about being filmed in Gas Street and there is a lovely picture of Mr David with a Roman soldier on the roof!

This is an early card of mine. A "Babe" sticker fixed to pearlised turquoise card and matted onto green and yellow card. I used silvery sequins for decoration.

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