Thursday, 23 April 2009

Clarence Dock, Aire and Calder Navigation

Not happy about this getting old bit. I was in bed last night by half past eight and slept until 7.30 this morning - and that was after only 12 locks and 3 swing bridges. David was off by 0745 so there was no time to get any electric cards from the lock-keeper at Office Lock.

We did the first lock and then did the River Lock with another boat who had spent the night in Granary Wharf. David then went off as the pick up can be a bit tricky with two boats coming out onto the river. I followed along on foot by the river to get to Clarence Dock.

There ware lovely moorings here. BW have put in pontoons with water and electricity on each one. There are no signs anywhere though, and nothing to say where you can buy cards to use the electricity, or how long you can stay here.

There was a bit of electric left in our stanchion, which was lucky as the cards we already have don't seem to work here. I put the washing machine on and we then caught a bus back into town and I "did" the shops.

We were told that there is usually a man who sells electricity cards in the lock building by the Royal Armouries, but there was no sign of him today, so I walked all the way back to Office Lock. The BW man who was there was no help. Said that I could get cards from Apperly Bridge (which we passed 2 days ago!) and that there was no electricity around here anyway!

Fortunately David chatted up a nice man on Four Seasons opposite who had a spare card and sold it to us - so I should be able to get the rest of the washing done.

Needless to day, after all that walking I am ready for bed again, and it's only 7pm! And no time for any photogoraphs.

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Robbo said...

Glad you like Clarence Dock, (I'm permanently moored there - Halcyon), for some reason only known to BW Clarence Dock elec cards are different from the usual BW cards! You can get the cards from the main office which is the first building you come to over the footbridge. There open from 8.30 weekdays.