Friday, 24 April 2009

Clarence Dock, Aire and Calder Navigation

Thanks to Robbo for your comment. It seems we are neighbours for a couple of days!

Unfortunately we went to Scarborough for the day and didn't get back before reading your message and by then the BW office was closed for the weekend. So if you have a spare card we could purchase we would be everso grateful.

Had a lovely day (hour or so) by the sea. Caught the Coastliner which goes through York on the way (and was free for us old fogies). York looked lovely as usual and I may return tomorrow.

By the time we got back (a three hour journey each way) we didn't feel like cooking so we visited Mumtaz, a Kashmiri restaurant that is based behind us at the moorings. It is also a non-alcoholic establishment. I am not a curry person, in fact a polo-mint is too hot for me and they promised not leave off the spices. David had a biryani which he loved and I had a lamb dish with rice which I can honestly say was wonderful. To drink we had a pitcher of pear juice and it was freshly juiced and all frothy on top, lovely. We ended the meal with qulfah, a kulfi ice cream and on the way out we bought various halwa cakes from the shop part for later.

Love this card, even if I did make it.

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