Saturday, 28 March 2009

Castlefields, Bridgewater Canal

Another visit from some more of David's family. This time his eldest sister, her husband and two of their grandchildren, Ella and Beth.
We went for a stroll by the Rochdale Canal to watch a boat going through the first lock (the boaters needed lots of encouragement to go through the first lock with the water pouring over the top of the bottom lock gates). Then we went to the Roman remains as Ella is studying the Romans at school at the moment.
Boy was the boat quiet when they at left us!

David caught the sunset reflected on the church and Great Northern Building this evening. It looked like some orange floodlights had been switched on. Does that mean we might get a nice day tomorrow?

The blossom is coming out on the trees now - so here is a card made with 2 photographs of apple blossom. They have been matted onto white and pink card and then onto a larger piece of pink card. I wrapped pink ribbon around the bottom of the card and then matted that card onto silver card. The base card is also pink.

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