Monday, 30 March 2009

Castlefields, Bridgewater Canal

I know David gave this pub (Duke's 92 and Albert's Shed) a good write-up in Canals and Rivers a couple years ago or so, but I didn't think that many people actually read it!

We had such a lovely day, yesterday, the sun shone (though it was still chilly). We went to the Manchester Art Gallery to see the Leonardo da Vinci drawings which were lovely and all the other pictures and exhibitions too.

Then we met David's youngest sister and her husband for a drink or two in a nearby pub.

The day today began with drizzle so we went into town and caught a bus to Preston. Big mistake! Last time we were there we thought it was lovely, with that great market etc. But this time it looked like the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Somewhere East. The underpass from the bus station to the town was like going into the Land of Mordor. Paint was peeling, buildings were boarded up, everything was dirty.

So we paid a visit to the Art Gallery there which was a bit second rate and then caught the next bus back. One thing, the price was right. Bus pass there and back and the gallery was free. Didn't even stop for lunch.

The card was made as a blank card but was used as a "get well" card.

A quickie, I wrapped pink ribbon around a blue card, added a gold frame and a ready-made topper. Then to finish it off three pink hearts. Inside I printed out an insert saying "Hope you feel better soon."

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