Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bottom Adderley Locks, Shropshire Union Canal

The only drawback of being in the middle of nowhere is that there is probably no mobile telephone or Internet connection. The bottom of Adderley locks is one place where neither our Vodafone or O2 will work. It is lovely and quiet though.

When I walked past this boat I could not understand the question. It is often fun trying to work out why people have named their boats and it was not until I posted the picture that I saw the wine bottle and glasses on the left. Now it makes sense. Bet they are happy with the proposed drinking restrictions due to come into place soon.

Set off at 0830 as we wanted some coal from Victoria Wharf, so we were late in starting, but not going very far. The five locks at Atherly were pleasant and we met 2 boats on their way up. By 1030 we were safely moored at the bottom of the locks in time for the football at midday. At least the satellite dish works in the middle of nowhere - just need clear sight of the satellite.

While selling my cards at the IWA festival last year a lady asked me for two cards with a tennis theme for her ladies tennis club. Of course I didn't have anything suitable but found a shop on the Internet which made these polymer clay figures. So with a couple of toppers and some mulberry paper I came up with this.

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BigJohn said...

I think you mean Adderley locks and Adderley - rather than Autherley?
I often get confused between Aldersley Junction and Addersley too.