Friday, 6 March 2009

Market Drayton, Shropshire Union Canal

OK sort this one out.

As we usually travel very early in the mornings and moor up for the day (and consequently overnight) anytime between 9 and 10am. Does this mean that we couldn't moor here today? And if so, why? Are the moorings full of boats coming to the market on Tuesday and Wednesday? Is the market that good? We've always managed to miss it. There are boats moored herringbone fashion on the opposite bank. So if they cannot get out when boats are moored on the bank, they must be pretty miffed if they want to leave on Wednesdays.

We left Norbury under a sharp frost but when the sun came out it was quite warm. There were quite a few boats out (mainly through Tyrley Locks), but the locks were all leaking really badly there was not much advantage in travelling in the opposite direction to the other boats.

Shopping in Market Drayton, a very expensive hot chocolate and Victoia sponge cake in the cafe, lots of miserable shoppers, chaos in Morrisons and the taxi firm said they had no taxis!!! Fortunately the supervisor phoned another firm for David (we'd forgotten our telephone) and we had a lovely lady drive bring us back to the boat. So now we can eat again for a few days.

I love this picture of Mr David all shiny and new moored up in Millwall Docks with Canary Wharf behind it just after 1 January 2000. I made the card using an old plastic bag which is sort of holographic and matted it onto red card. The picture I also matted onto red card and then added two photo corners and some navy ribbon before fixing it all to the card. I sent it off to one of the card magazines and they printed it!!

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Second try.
I couldn't get my head round that sign. If you can only moor overnight what time do you have to leave, if you can moor during the day on market day what happens there at night. Why can't you moor on other days other than market days?
I think I will just have another glass of wine and maybe it will all come clear.