Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gas Street

I was looking at the lights (or lack of them) on the James Brindley pub by the moorings and thinking that if any more of the name lights go out, so will the pub.

And guess what? The brewery is closing it down on Thursday and giving the lease back to BW. It has been very run down for a few years now, and the roof has been leaking so much that they had to shut the top part and just open the ground floor bar.

So what now? And more importantly, where will all our cars be parked? And what will BW do with it?

Fortunately, we don't own a car, but it has been useful for visitors and deliveries.

As I write it is snowing and we are expecting to be iced in again very soon. Glad we got lots of coal and wood in.

I was asked to make a card for a friend's older brother. I started with a long card and printed the message straight onto it. I covered the bottom half with patterned paper and ribbon to cover the edges.
I got the photo of the fossil from the Internet and just printed, decoupaged it once and matted it, before fixing it with sticky fixers.

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