Friday, 30 January 2009

Gas Street

We had a day out yesterday!! Took the tram to West Bromwich to visit The Public. The town's new £36,000,000 cafe. It is a super space, supposed to have exhibitions and things, a theatre, recording studio and public spaces. But they have run out of money - so all you get is the cafe. So we had a coffee and then caught the bus back. It is all excitement in the Scowcroft family.

The front is just a big black box with wavy pink windows.

But around the back there is this fantastic silver carbuncle thingy. Absolutely fabulous.

The ground floor, which was all we could visit had a pink light display and some of the brightest yellow toilets that I have ever visited.

Walking around to the doctor's surgery yesterday I passed the ICC and there were lots of graduates outside having their photos taken before their graduation ceremony.

Made me think of this card and I made from a decoupage sheet, matting it onto yellow and black card and adding yellow and black ribbon. I faux stitched the yellow panel behind the card and added 3 black buttons.

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