Friday, 6 February 2009

Gas Street

Alright! That's enough snow. Can we begin spring now, please?
And why is it that whenever I pluck up the courage to start on the curtains that someone comes along with an order for a card? It happened again on Tuesday. The sewing machine has been playing up and I was using it as an excuse to not finish off re-lining all the curtains. David finally nagged me enough to get the thing out again and hey presto! Making me a lier it was working beautifully. I managed to get one finished and took the 2nd one off the window and unpicked it and was just starting to reassemble it when Bruno came in asking for 5 cards of Calstock. Then there was Steve's challenge to make a card with K2 and the hearts.
We went for our final drink in the James Brindley last night. God-awful pub but sorry it is having to close. While there Pete asked for another 20 of his "gangster" cards and then today I got another 2 orders from the doctor's surgery. Not that I am complaining. But David is - he can't see the curtains ever being finished!
Here is the K2 step card. It is a bit of a rushed job and I hand-cut the hearts so they are not as well finished off as the ones done cut on the CraftRobo. But you should get the idea.

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