Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Gas Street

Another day when we've been iced in - thought it was quite warm while the sun shone.

Sam (who has just bought his boat and has moored it outside the James Brindley since Christmas got a notice from BW for overstaying. It didn't seem to bother them that the same boat (with the old owner) was moored around the corner for at least 3 months and never got moved on. Sam is wondering how he is supposed to move his boat in the ice.

Some of the "boys" tried filling their water tanks today to find out that all the hosepipes had frozen! After a quick warm by the stove, one was defrosted and they could all fill up. So everyone can have a shower tonight. Whew!

Hate to say this, but it will soon be Valentines Day. Though this card is not specifically for Valentines Day is is a romantic one. It is made from handmade paper, mulberry paper, printed and plain vellum, organdie ribbon, 2 ribbon roses and silver heart in a very subtle colour scheme of turquoise, white and silver.
And soon to be for sale in my Misi Me shop.

1 comment:

Heth said...

Never mind Brenda, looking forward is better than looking back!
Next on the list is Easter & after that nice weather????

I think we all deserve as long a spell of WARM weather as we have had freezing so far, ever the optimist I hope it evens out for us all!!