Sunday, 4 January 2009

Gas Street

Gosh it is quiet around here. The ice has managed to keep most of the boats at their moorings, but it hasn't stopped one or two from trying to get away!

Unfortunately, the ice seems to have attracted some youths who have thrown everything they can lay their hands on onto the ice to see how thick it is. So there are plant pots, beer cans, blocks of wood, bottles and whatever scattered all over the basin.

Looks like we might have a new moorer soon, a young French man was looking around this afternoon, says he's about to rent out Calstock!

I have put this card on the blog because I want to try out this button

If it works you can go straight to my shop and buy it (should you want to). Or just go and see what is on offer there.

It is a white, 4x6" card with two pink roses tied with a pink ribbon bow fixed to a background of deckle edged sheet music and pink card. Because the card is too thick for an envelope it comes with a small "box" for postage.

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