Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gas Street

Yesterday we had lots of snow, sleet and rain so the ice is gradually melting away. Today we have the main canal free of ice, but there is still a good 2" in places in the basin.

I still can't get over how quiet it is. We don't normally hear traffic sounds and only hear the trains when it is quiet and the wind is in the right direction, but also there are hardly any people about.

Apart from trips to the boatyard for pumpouts we have not been off the mooring for months - and it feels like it. David keeps threatening a trip out somewhere soon, and as he will be the one out on the back, I agree wholeheartedly. Maybe when the ice finally goes....

This card I have made for a friend who is currently detained at Her Majesty's pleasure for a few months. Not that I could possibly know anyone who would break the law!

I started with a grey card blank and drew in the bricks with a black pen. The window with bars came from a decoupage sheet. I stuck it onto the card and then cut out through the bars and the front of the card before sticking a photo of him behind the bars (I have disguised him here to save his blushes). I then added a rub-on "Thinking of you" sentiment.

Inside we wrote "Don't stay indoors too long!". Hope he appreciates it.

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