Saturday, 26 July 2008

Gas Street

I am typing this whilst listening to Nigel Kennedy playing Elgar at the Proms. Beautiful! Just right for a lovely warm Saturday evening.

Jumping the lock this afternoon. He did make it, but his mate in the yellow t-shirt wasn't so lucky.

David had a lovely surprise when he read the letters page in The Times this morning. His letter about BW was printed right in the centre, and there was a photograph of boats in the basin. He was so cross about all the hype and PR that was sent out (and also a BW interview on local TV) that he felt compelled to write to the newspaper.

Then he got an e-mail from the local BBC office asking for an interview. ...and they are coming to speak to him tomorrow !!!

Another easy card using a photo, some backing paper, ribbon and a bit of matting. Sorry, but I made quite a few the other day with some free papers and I wanted to send off pictures of the cards to the magazine that gave them away.

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Tom said...

Thought you might appreciate this link if you haven't already found it!

Excellent interview and well said.