Friday, 25 July 2008

Gas Street

Albert (up the ladder) and Grant (holding the ladder) fixing a MOST IMPORTANT SIGN onto the bridge. It is a laminated piece of paper with the name and number of the bridge on it. One of BW's finest. NOT.

The weather has been glorious and we spent most of the afternoon out on our new bench and table, chatting to passers-by.

No TV cameras today, but apparently Peter on Chanel was filmed yesterday afternoon with four young girls on the roof of his boat and he kept getting telephone calls from people who saw him on the local news.

I walked past Sanity this evening but was too shy to speak. I also notice we have a boat opposite tonight called Walkabout. I hope it's not as noisy as its namesake bar tonight.

I even sold three cards today!!!
Though this was not one of them.

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