Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gas Street

What a day! We started with Alan being rushed into hospital. Then we got a visit from two policemen (well one policeman and one policewoman) looking for a maniac on a boat. Then we had Albert and Grant putting up a really useful sign on the bridge (pic next post). Then the BBC camera team arrived to film Shifali doing the weather. It quietened down a bit after that until ITV Central came and did a broadcast from the very same spot. What can possibly happen tomorrow?

I got an order today - done in less than one hour as they were just visiting! A card for a 70 year old lady who used to look like Betty Boop and loved/s red lipstick and high heels.
I think this fits the bill. Betty came off the Internet (of course) with some rose backing paper, red ribbon and name tag tied with red ribbon and a sparkly 70. I also added some glitter to the dress.

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