Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Famous Gas Street as Seen on TV

Well it was all happening here yesterday!!! Though it didn't have the outcome we had hoped for. The local BBC station came to interview us about David's letter in The Times. When they edited the film it had no relation to the letter at all. But here it is anyway, courtesy of Tom who sent it to us this morning. Thank you Tom. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7529878.stm It went out on Midlands Today just after 6.30 last night.

Unfortunately the heavens opened dead on 6.30 last night and the satellite link went down; so I never saw it. David had to rush next door onto Chanel to watch it with Peter. He was so disappointed when he came back he vowed never to write to The Times again!

We were also interviewed by the BBC West Midlands Radio and they interviewed David live!!! at 7am this morning. That was a much better interview and I think we got our points across.

It is really strange hearing your voice on the radio. I didn't think I sounded like that!! - though David sounded just like himself, so I suppose I must.

Also, after making Jon Oaks famous (he was on TV 3 times in almost as many days, and on the radio today) telephoned us to check on what was happening!!

So, as it's the only card I can find using a Gas Street photo -here's your first Christmas Card for the year.

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