Friday, 27 June 2008

Gas Street

A very tranquil looking scene - you'd never believe it is in the heart of bandit country. Kings Norton Junction very early on a spring morning.

The moorings have been surprisingly quiet (except for the music at night!). The second tendered mooring has passed it's date. One for around £2700 and the 2nd for £3500. Will be able to afford our mooring will be in 3 years time at this rate? Still no signs of the new occupants though.

Took the train to London today to get curtain linings for all the curtains. The old ones fell apart when I washed them last month. I know I could get curtain lining in Birmingham but they don't do blue curtain lining. (Well, that's my excuse.) Kept snatching glimpses of the canal from the train and wishing I was there.

There was a Veterans' Day Parade down Broad Street today. Couldn't persuade David to join in - or get his Veterans' Badge presented by the Mayor.

These cards were decoupaged (you take a picture and make several copies. you use one for the base and then cut out some of the scene, stick it down with sticky fixers to make it stand out and then cut out the next picture etc, gradually making a 3D picture. It can be very time-consuming but becomes quite addictive.

Anyway this picture was stuck onto a light green card with a cross of green ribbon.

And this one was made for a friend's brother. I have found it difficult to make cards for Asian customers as there is so little out there. I thought this batsman might do and when he saw it he was thrilled. Apparently the buttons popping of the shirt were a scream, and so him.

I made the card originally on a green background and when I added the 3 black dots I messed it up so I had to cut the green away and then put it onto a white card. I made the banner and sentiment on the computer and matted them onto black card and silver card, using fancy scissors to make the decorated edges.

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TG said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, your cards are all fab. As soon as i saw Kings Norton mentioned i had to read a bit more, we have relatives there, (my Husband comes from Brum) and we will be visiting soon, so we will keep an eye out for Mr David if we go down to the canal. T x