Sunday, 22 June 2008

Gas Street

Give us a hand!!

As seen from a lock on the Grand Union.

There has not been very much activity in the basin since we got back - we have lost 3 boats this year and they have not yet been replaced. One mooring has gone for £2701 per year (a Leisure Mooring which I presume means not live-aboard!) - though no-one seems to have claimed it yet - and the other two should be finalised this week.

We have lots of noise coming from the Walkabout Bar and the Tap and Spile Pub, but that is in hand with the council and only one accident at the lock when a young man missed and smashed his face on the lock side. It meant David had to get up and open the gate for the police and the ambulance crew. Then the following night there were three young men snorting coke outside the new letting agency shop (right underneath the CCTV camera!)

I am missing not being out in the countryside, missing the elderflower and wild roses so far this year. A walk down the Farmers Locks this afternoon didn't really make up for not actually doing them.

These two cards were made for the twins Eleanor and Rebecca. They have not photographed too well, sorry. I 3/4 covered 2 yellow cards with flowered paper and stuck a yellow ribbon over the join with a bow. I then cut out 2 "twos" and their names in gold mirror card on my CraftRobo. I stuck them down with sticky pads and added a Pooh bear to each number with a pot of huny and a butterfly. The "Happy Birthday"s were peel-offs.

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