Monday, 30 June 2008

Gas Street

We had Dragon Boat Racing outside Brindleyplace on Saturday - lots of hanging about and not much happening, but colourful. I only managed to watch the first race before I gave in.

To "lads" started early and were jumping the lock by lunchtime. At least one fell in around 1am and there was shouting and clapping going on all night!

Early Sunday morning Tom and Pete rescued a Unicorn (at great personal danger to themselves). There seemed to be no-one aboard so they tied her up on our side of the lock to keep her safe. The owner came back at some time during the day but never bothered to thank anyone - just disappeared with his/her boat. There's gratitude. Reminds me of the time we rescued a boat in front of us several times and eventually used one of our own pins to keep it safe. We left a note with the pin, but next mooring the boat was gone, along with our pin!

Another "canal" card. This one is a view of The Packet House in Worsley on the Bridgewater Canal. Very photogenic. Ryan Giggs used to live here and we had to spend a weekend here once for Caroline to try and see him. She didn't, but had a Chinese in his favourite Chinese and shopped in his local grocery store (now since, sadly, closed).
I mounted the picture onto red and brown card and doodled lines and X's around the red card. I put a pretty red and green ribbon behind the picture and used a white rub-on doodle to frame the photo.

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