Sunday, 8 June 2008

Gas Street

So much has happened since I last posted properly and I'll keep it brief. The trip from Lyons Boatyard to Dunhampstead was uneventful. We did all the locks in one go (42!). This lock cottages was advertised for sale by auction. In fact the sign had come down when we came back so I suppose that is another one gone. We always thought that this one was lived in by a spy with all the antenna in the gardens. We managed to get the satellite dish to work in the polytunnel at the Brookline wharf but we could get no signal at all for the Vodafone dongle thingie - so not internet - not even up the bank.
Sheila Smith started work on Tuesday. We took a trip by taxi into Worcester one day and another into Droitwich where there was a Waitrose (which will be right by the canal when it eventually opens).

The sides were painted and the signwriting was done by lunchtime on Wednesday and we were out of the boatyard almost before the paint dried. Sheila has done a lovely job and Mr David looks just like new.
It's funny how you don't notice the branches overhanging the canal when you haven't got a new paint job.

We spent the first night out at The Queen's Head and then on Thursday came up the rest of the locks and on into Birmingham.

Back on the moorings we discovered that David on Moulon Rouge had already left for Merryhill so the place is looking very empty. There are 3 moorings up for tender on the Waterscape site, and one has just gone for over £25000 which is bad news for the rest of us.

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Steve said...

The shine on that paint is fantastic - looks great. Any pictures of Sheilas signwriting - I'm looking for someone to sign up K2....