Sunday, 8 June 2008

Gas Street

I have not been able to make any cards recently as the boat has been such a mess with the re-painting, but I did make this book for our daughter, Caroline, who is getting married next year. I found this post for a "to-do" book and made my own version. I started with a plastic A5 ring binder and cut it down so that it would fit into a handbag. I covered the outside with some pretty wedding wrapping paper and covered that with sticky black plastic and then added the ribbon bow.
Inside I covered the inside cover with pink card, adding 2 triangle pockets made from cutting 2 envelopes on a diagonal (not shown in the photo). I cut down some lined paper and made some dividers using my CraftRobo. I intended to fix the pen holder onto the back cover before adding the paper but I forgot so I just covered a strip of the plastic cut off from the cover and covered it with more paper and, fixed a metal "hole" in it and threaded it through one of the rings. I then used a small strip of the paper and stuck that around the pen.
Caroline loved it and began filling it in immediately.

With the bits of paper left over I made these two cards using 2 lilac card blanks as the base and ribbon covering the joins. I added an metal cupid tide with a bow and tow pearl hearts and... ... just a bow and two hearts on this one.

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