Saturday, 14 June 2008

Gas Street

Back on the moorings and enjoying all the action. We were visited by a Roman soldier last Sunday. "Could we take him and his colleague out on the boat so that they could be filmed for a video?" Well what can you say? The shopping trolley was a major part of the video, but what it was I don't know. They have promised to let us see it on the Internet when it is finished. Can't wait!
There has been a lot of noise nearly every night. The Walkabout is using its full licensing potential - open until 4am!

Here are a couple of pictures of our new paintwork. Smart eh?

And so, back to the cards. This one I made for the
guy who is painting the boat next to us. A birthday card for his wife. She is in to cats and pink (fairly obvious I suppose). I started with a square pink card. I made two mats with white, pink and black card and added the pink cat topper to the smallest one. I wrapped a sheer pink ribbon around the large mat and added some rub-on doodles down the side. The sentiment was done on the computer and matted in the same way. I cut a black faux ribbon for the bottom with shaped scissors and a hole punch and added another pink bow with a pin through it (it wouldn't stay knotted - I had to do something!). Then I made a box with black card and a pink organza bow.

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