Saturday, 12 April 2008

Above Woolhampton Lock

We met lots of lovely people today, after that shower yesterday.

The girls had just hired their boat from Aldermaston Wharf and were heading for Woolhampton (they didn't know what was coming!).

We were met at Woolhampton Swing Bridge by a BW guy who said that the bridge was broken and he would have to wind in manually. Well at least that meant I didn't have to.

After the bridge there is a very strong stream as the river joins the canalised part and then a lock. You have to get the lock gates open before you swing the bridge - so I set the lock. First David came through the bridge and into the lock, then the little Otter Ot came through and moored up by the pub and finally the girls came through into the lock. David and the BW guy had walked them all through the manoeuvre but it was still daunting and with lots of shouts and encouragement they made the lock without hitting anything.

After we got through the lock we reset it so that the Otter boat could come through - the picture shows it just as the stream hits the boat side on - pretty scary eh? Lots of encouragement again and shouts to "Put your foot down" and everything went well. No one hit the boat and only the hire boat hit the side of the lock.
To add to the fun there is a boat moored "in the way" - you can tell it is in the way because the off-side is lined with rubber tyres. I took a picture and will show it later (when I can find it).

Still on my waterways theme. This is a photo of some celandines, matted onto yellow and sliver card and then onto a sunshine yellow base card. I thought it looked a bit plain so I added the two 3-D butterflies that I bought from Lakeland a few weeks ago.

Do you think I have gone too far?

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