Friday, 11 April 2008

Shenfield Mill

A really great day, not. First of all the wobbly County Lock, then the frightening Fobney Lock (see picture. The river is coming in from the left and the outlet from the water works is coming out from the right. You have to jump off your boat onto the wet metal walkway!! Then as we were leaving Burghfield lock a boat came around the corner towards us and the woman on the front shouted out "Don't shut the gate!" (we were still in the lock and I had opened the outside gate so they could get in as they had a wide beam. She then got off her boat and came down to the lock and glared at us. She never spoke again and the man on the back could barely say "Good Morning". Nice people.
Then when we got to Garston Lock there was a boat coming down who left up paddles and things and took ages to get through.
And to finish off at Sheffield Lock the boat coming down turned the lock against us, took ages to get through and we got wet in a rain shower.
I just love boating....

A photo of a dog mounted onto white and gold card and stuck to a blue base card. I used rub-on paw prints to walk over the card and added a white ribbon bow over the paw prints that did not transfer properly.

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