Monday, 3 March 2008

Bridge 15, Stratford on Avon Canal

You are just chugging along nicely and then you come around a corner and there is a boom across the canal. The workmen were painting the bridge and were using the boom as a bridge. They are just moving out of the way for us.

We set off at 9am this morning. Lovely sunshine but a cold wind. Then there was hail, but we had already stopped by then.

I went for a walk along the towpath and found a row of boats - all obviously "continuously" cruising as there were no mooring permits. They all looked pretty permanent though and the majority actually had current licences. I noticed this one though - the handwritten notice said that the licence was sent for on 31/1/08 - it is now 3/3/08 and where was the boat licence from April 2007?

A card that I have actually stamped. I am usually too lazy to stamp, emboss, paint and then cut out, but I enjoyed this one. I painted her with sparkly paints that I got from The Works and added metallic highlights so she glitters seductively. I then matted it on pink and then turquoise card and put a pink organza bow tied across the bottom

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