Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Drawbridge 26, Hockley Heath

We have only travelled 3 3/4 miles today. Who says you have to do 9 hours? It seemed longer because we stopped twice, once to visit the fabulous bread shop at bridge 20 and then again to post some letters and buy the milk that I forgot to get earlier in Hockley Heath. We then moved under the first drawbridge and moored just before the boatyard.

This gave me the excuse to catch the bus into Stratford on Avon and check out Lakeland and the Blue Moon craft shop.

I bought a beautiful stamp of Marilyn Munro which I must use soon and lots of coloured stamp pads. I don't do nearly enough stamping.

This card was made from the cover of an exercise book. I just cut out the frame and then matted it a couple of times before sticking it to the card. Couldn't be simpler.

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