Friday, 29 February 2008

Gas Street (From the Desk of the Supreme Leader)

It is 36 years ago today since David and I had our first "date" - dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Berlin. Seems like only yesterday!

The boom has been fitted across the canal to stop any nasties bringing a boat in to blow up our Supreme Leader - there are policemen (and women) everywhere and the boat and crew have come up from Dorset. Apart from that it is very quiet. We have been promised thousands of delegates to this conference, but they don't seem to be coming this way.

My brother's second grandchild has arrived (that's 2 in 2 months!) - another boy, though as the family is a bit vague we don't know the name of this one yet.

It took me 2 days to get some inspiration and I finally came up with this one. I don't think I have copied anyone this time (well not consciously anyway). I started with a white card and then added a blue background. Gingham ribbon and some toppers that I bought, though I did mount the nappy onto the yellow tag.

I then printed out the insert and added a clip-art nappy.

Hope you like it.

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