Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Gas Street

Such a lovely sunny day. There was, apparently, an earthquake here very early this morning. Didn't rock our boat. Slept through it all.

The whole area here is swarming with police and workers. The road by the James Brindley has been closed off already, there are barriers up everywhere and this picture shows the revolving barriers being constructed outside the ICC. Some of the "larger" delegates will have fun getting through!

I have managed to "blag" a couple of wire card holders from Joe which were removed from his shop when it closed down. I am now angling for one of his "A" frames too. Might come in useful.

This card started with a lilac square card. The shoes are made from yellow handmade paper and lined with a pretty Japanese type paper. I then added ribbon, a sentiment and lots of little plastic flowers. I also made a box which I decorated with the same flowers and ribbons.

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