Saturday, 13 October 2007

Gas Street

We've been having trouble with the Internet for the past couple of weeks. We are in the very centre of Birmingham and cannot get the broadband connection - just the G2 which is slow and flaky.

Life has been going on apace.

There are lots of strange signs popping up along the towpath (pictures next time) which BW have paid a fortune for. The are of no use to anyone and just litter the place.

We had a moorers gathering yesterday, lots to drink !

David and I are off to Lisbon on Monday for five days - so I don't think I'll be blogging for a few days.

I have just had another order for 40 cards from the daughter of the couple who ordered this lot. So I have lots of work to get on with.

This one was made from blue paper with small white stars mounted onto red mirror card and silver card. White ribbon and a bow, a chipboard Christmas tree and three red stars.

And this one was stamped and embossed with copper embossing powder, then mounted on silver, green and silver card. The green card was cut with deckle edged scissors. Green ribbon was wound around two corners and a bow stuck to the top one. The right had side of the front of the card was also cut with deckle scissors and some red crinkly, shiny paper stuck down the right side of the inside back of the card.

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