Monday, 15 October 2007

Gas Street

My last post before we go off to Lisbon. Getting excited. We have never been to Portugal before and we have just found out that our friends Janet and Kevin will also be there for the same time.

What are all these signs about? They have sprung up all along the towpaths in the centre of Birmingham

What do they mean? Who are the designed for? Surely anyone who is commuting along the towpath or jogging or whatever already knows about it so you don't need a sign to tell them.

And why keep advertising to people to use the towpaths anyway - they don't support BW in any way financially. Haven't seen the Cycle Race Track sign yet though!!!

Two more Christmas Cards. These two were both made from recycled cards from last year.
One mounted onto silver and red card with a silver ribbon and bow and a holly border (also taken from a re-used card)
The robin one was just mounted on red card with two silver peel-off corners.

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