Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Near Clayton-le-Moore

Just a short journey today and three swing bridges. The weather has broken and there was lots of rain and some thunder during the night. The day was dull and overcast.

The towpath has been tidied up but rubbish in the water around here is just as bad. I still haven't been able to visit the Church at Church which has a couple of Burne-Jones windows. I'll make it one day.

Wildflower was following and I waited and waited for them at the last swing bridge until David came back to say that they had broken down - fortunately just by a new boatyard. They are still there now and hope to join up with us tomorrow.

The picture is the view from the galley again - though not at its best. You can see much further past the hills on a clear day.

The card is a Christmas Card, the sentiment saying "May all your Christmas presents be shoes". The shoes are made from thick handmade paper, the linings from Japanese paper and the bows are tiny bows for decorating parcels.

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