Monday, 11 June 2007

Between Blackburn and Rishton

We have been in and out of Vodafone range for the past few days and as we like to stop out in the countryside there is usually no signal when we need one.

Anyway, we have had a good cruise so far, just toddling along. The weather has been lovely and hot and it is really very pleasant.

We managed to get to get through Blackburn without incident but there were lots of young people at the locks with cans and bottles and
the weed hatch was visited occasionally.

There is always a lot of muck in the canal around here, it is a good job it is so murky and we cannot see what is on the bottom.

We went past a Canadian Goose nursery - lots and lots of young

A card for a football lover. The images were taken from a CD that I bought in The Works for £2 a few years back.

The pictures are matted on co-ordinating coloured card twice and then onto a background before being stuck to the card blank.

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