Friday, 15 June 2007


We have been having some awful weather, though it has been worse in other places and there is no flooding here.

We stopped just past Burnley and spent most of the next day there, walking back to the large mill shop for a quick look around. We then dashed on to just below the locks here, stopping off at Morrisons on the way. Well, as Morrisons went to the trouble to put in moorings, you have to stop there, don't you?

It was raining this morning so we decided to stay on and it seemed to rain for most of the day. We walked into Barrowford to visit the heritage centre there and find out about the Pendle Witches and have a lovely afternoon tea and cake.

A decoupaged card which is a lot of fun. The font is called Fuzzy Cootie - has lots of girls posing on the letters.

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