Sunday, 17 June 2007


Dodging the showers we got as far as Salterforth yesterday morning. For once it was dryer in the tunnel than outside. We had lunch in The Anchor pub and were given a guided tour of the cellar. The original pub had two floors and was built long before the canal was built. When the canal came through, the cellar flooded so they built another storey on top and then built up the road to go over the bridge. So the pub is now in the old bedrooms and the new bedrooms are above. Coming out of Foulridge Tunnel. We were very good and waited for the traffic lights to change!

This morning we left in light drizzle to go down the three locks at Greenberfield and moored out past East Marton on the start of the zig zags. There are Curlews flying and calling out overhead, beautiful orchids on the towpath and peace and quiet. Then the sun came out. Perfect!!!

The card has a Mexican Worry Doll. I bought several at an evening market in Melbourne a couple of years ago (I was visiting Caroline at the time). She is supposed to take all your troubles away.

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