Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Westport Lake

We left Stone at 0630. There was a very heavy frost and the locks were treacherous, when we got to Trentham Lock David tried to knock me into the cut by nudging the lock gate open while I was still trying to get to the other side. I landed in a nettle patch!!

There was an awful lot of rubbish in the water before the Etruria locks and the gearing was just as awful as usual the top two locks being really difficult to wind the paddles. Why is it that when you get close to a BW yard the standards drop?

The steelworks on the big bend have been flattened completely - lots of "regeneration" in the pipeline. Oh! Goodie.

Mooring at Westport Lake we noticed that there was a lot of work going on there too; they have moved the car park. The old one used to be listed as a Doggers' Spot! Hey Ho!

A card for the owners of a new boat (makes a change from a new house card anyway)

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