Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Biddulph Aqueduct

The fun began when we got to Harecastle Tunnel. John on Roach had mentioned before that he was booked to go through but I didn't take too much notice as we've been through the tunnel at least twice a year since we began boating in 1999, and most often in March; we have never had to book before.

So we got to the tunnel and there were three boats already there. David spoke to the BW operative and was told that we needed to book, there were notices everywhere, and that we were very lucky there were other boats there, and that you have always had to book in Winter....

Harecastle has always been my least favourite tunnel, mainly because the first time we did it no-one had told us that they shut the doors on you and then they set off this awful howl of the turbines and all the fumes go flying in front of you; really eerie. Anyway we went in the tunnel, following Roach at 0830 and were out the other side by 0900 I also got the ironing done!

It was lovely to be back on the Macclesfield Canal again, we haven't been up here for three years. It must be one of the prettiest canals and all those beautiful stone bridges... We were amazed to see so many unlicensed boats though; is there no Patrol Officer along here?

We moored at Biddulph Aqueduct, just past Congleton (but within walking distance of the shops by The Queen's Head). This must be one of the most breathtaking moorings in the country (see photo). It is a pleasure to do the washing up with a view like that outside.
A blokie card, what can I say?

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