Monday, 12 March 2007


Another gentle cruise into Stone, arriving at 0930. There was just room to moor between the locks and in front of the Restaurant Trip Boat. Breakfasted in town and did some shopping.

Noticed a new canalside building site - McCarthy and Stone are building apartments for the over 50's (maybe I'll get to end my days beside the cut after all?). They have put in some nice new piling but I don't suppose we'll be able to moor there.

Just before it got dark the coal boat nb Roach arrived, after John had moored we joined him and some friends in The Star. I can't remember the last time I was in a pub.

The DEFRA Cuts Protest Meeting in Birmingham last November

The card I have just made to send to Caroline in Australia. She will be 28 on the 22nd March (where does the time go?). I cannot take any credit for this card - it came from Lakeland Limited - I just stuck the cat on the back sheet and the sentiment on the front. The difficult bit was threading the beads onto the elastic thread as the holes were a bit small.

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Epiphany said...

Do you mean that we cant get away from macarthy and stone "prisons" even on the canals!
cant imagine where this is at Stone but no doubt we will eventually get back to the T & M and the Staffs and Worcs sometime. You are bringing back memories of our time based at gailey!