Thursday, 28 July 2016

Turners Green, Grand Union Canal

 An early start and two of my least favourite lift bridges on the system.  The first one was relatively easy, but the second one took 70 turns of the windlass to get it up and forever to get it back down again.

We passed one boat moored up with a sign on the side saying "We like our view, thank you".  In other words, "Bog off, we don't want you moored here!"  As bad as the two houses before the locks saying "No Mooring".  I thought we could moor anywhere on the towpath side.

There seem to be a lot less boats moored on the Lapworth flight, there were lots of plants growing in the water, it looked very pretty.

We  had the Lapworth locks to ourselves until the last but one when we met a hire boat coming up.  Then a lady looking mystified asked which which way to Stratford.  She was coming from the GU and I told her to turn left when she came out of the cut.  They promptly turned right and went up towards Birmingham!  Can't tell some people.

So it was on the the goats at Turners Green for the rest of the day, a sleep and a good night's rest.

This is the card that I made for my daughter's wedding anniversary

I covered the blank card with a blue and gold textured, handmade paper, then added some white card at an angle with a strip of brown card on the bottom, some navy ribbon was wrapped around the join.  The sentiment was made on the computer and the card was decorated with silver sequins.

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