Sunday, 15 May 2016

Spon Lane Junction BCN

Sorry for being quiet for so long, but we have been in the Basin all this time and there has not been too much to report..

We finally got out onto the cut again, though only temporarily.  The electricity went down on the moorings and CRT brought generators for those who needed them.  Unfortunately our neighbour decided he did, and then ran the thing until 0930 last night.  It started up again at 0830 this morning, so we decided to move to somewhere quieter.

Only a short trip and very quiet, saw only two boats go past and we were joined by another boat mooring opposite later on in the evening.

I will try and update last year's entries eventually.

It was lovely to be out again, got to smell the heavenly hawthorn blossom, thought I was going to miss it this year.  The bluebells were just over thought.

This is called a "card in a box".  It actually folds down flat to fit into an envelope.  When you take it out of the envelope it "pops" out making it a nice surprise for whoever is recieving it.

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