Monday, 16 May 2016

Gas Street Basin

 Well, we are back!  We left around 0900 and headed back to Oozells Loop.  We met lots of hire boats all the way back which meant there was plenty of moorings when we got into Birmingham.

We moored up and walked over to the Hyatt hotel for a swim and shower and then onto the moorings to see what was happening.  Nothing yet. 

After lunch we had a text to say the electricity was back on, so we came back here.

As usual, when the sun comes out, there were lots of visitors, including a band/ensemble complete with brass and string instruments and white tuxes.  Later some long haired older men, two glamerous older ladies with American accends.  Looked like an old rock group, but I didn't recognize any of them and cannot find out if they are playing anywhere tonight.

This is a card I made for a shop in Edinburgh, I made a banner from the sentiment and then two with washi tape.  The green flourish was die-cut and the flower is made of fabric and a gem.  Thats it, all on a blank white card base.

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