Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dane Aqueduct - Macclesfield Canal

Sunrise at the top of Bosley Locks.  The start of a beautiful day.

We got to the top lock to see a boat entering the top lock.  So we moored up and waited a couple of hours until one came up the locks.  I spent the time using the launderette in the service building.

The first half of the locks were for us and the two volunteers had turned the other half, so this time they were all for us.

The weather was lovely and the locks had been greased and I realised why I enjoy these locks so much.

We got to the bottom after 1 3/4 hours and moored up on the aqueduct.

Hey Dude! The guy is called Mikey, and I have several versions of him.

This one was pre-coloured so I used the colours of his clothes for matting.  I Cuttlebugged a white panel and an orange one and die cut the stars in all the colours.

All this was stuck onto a white card blank.

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