Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bridge 52, Macclesfield Canal

 I think that's the Cloud ahead, but not sure.

An early start, a bit chilly but the Broadoak swing bridge was OPEN!  My key had gone!!!  And the Royal Oak bridge behaved itself.  Even the van driver that I held up was chatty and interested in the bridge (he didn't know that it swung like that) and the boat and life on the cut.

We planned to go down the locks today, but the wind was a bit chilly and it was cloudy, so at 8 o'clock we stopped just short of the long-term moorings.  The weather got considerably better, sunshine and blue skies.

We had news of the date of the funeral for my Aunt, so we don't have to be in Congleton until Thursday night, so staying here seemed like a good idea after all.

A photo of a dog, matted onto white, blue and silver card and then onto a blue panel with some blue ribbon wrapped around it and a bone stuck across it.  This was all stuck down onto a white card blank.

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