Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wigan,Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 I've moaned about this lock before.  It is a typical "Sod the Boaters" lock.  David dropped me off on the off side and I set the paddles.  To get to the towpath side I would have to walk up to the concrete bridge in front, across the bridge past the towpath and down the ramp on the right hand side.

I only did one side!

But because you cannot get back on the boat from the off side (see the metal fence), I had to hitch a ride on the boat across the lock to do the bottom paddles.

Then, of course, the gates have their own large windlass to open and close them.  This is a canal for the ruffy tuffies.

We moored up by the car park for the CRT offices completely nackered after 3 large, heavy, difficult L&L locks.

I cut a strip from the right hand side of the front of this white card blank and then decorated the edge with a punch.  I then did the same with a strip of red card and stuck it behind the white card.

Then I added two paper roses and a silver bow. 

A card that could be used for any occasion.

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