Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gerrards Bridge, Leigh Branch, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 The alternator was inspected and nothing found wrong with it and it was suggested that one of the new batteries might be at fault.

So we left our cozy mooring and the electricity at noon and set off for Leigh.  Just as we were entering the town we saw a new retail park with a large Tesco, and several canalside restaurants.  AND one long, impenetrable fence to keep their customers OUT of the water and the boaters OUT of their establishments.

Lots of ducklings around today, all fluffy and cuddly.

Still, at least you can moor by the Aldi!!  We arrived just as another boat was leaving, so slipped in and did a big shop (wine mostly).

Lots of "art work" by the canal on the way to Plank Lane (picks on the way back), and then the biggest shock.  There is no longer a bridge keeper.  You have to lift the bridge YOURSELF!  You actually get to play with the traffic!  And, boy, is there some traffic!  Fortunately, there was a boat in front and they got to open the bridge.

A moody blue card.  I matted the photo onto silver and light blue card, wrapped some light blue ribbon around the blue card blank and tied it in a knot.  Added the photo with sticky fixers and a blue teardrop gem in the bottom left hand corner.

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