Sunday, 27 April 2014

Great Score Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 Only 24 miles to go......

A bitty sort of day.  We left at 0700 and stopped at the junction with the Rufford Arm to take on water.  Then it was on to Burscough to get rid of the rubbish and get milk, bread and a paper.  I left David and walked over the bridge for the Spar shop, and bought bread from the excellent bread shop by the wharf.  Somehow, the rubbish got forgotten.

Then we travelled on to here, 4 swing bridges later.  At least they are all electric now and only two had to have the barriers closed manually.

 The view from the bridge looking up the Rufford Arm.  We were going to zot up there and back, but with 6 locks and 1 swing bridge (and reverse), we decided against it.

Saw my first swallows this morning.  It's official.  Summer is here!

A simple anniversary card using a peel-off stuck onto a square of red card and then matted onto some gold card, then stuck onto a white card blank.

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